Thursday, July 06, 2006


Ok - so hopefully now this should be the right date!!!!!! It appears that this blog just wants to play up and annoy me- never mind. Just a quick one to say a certain congratualtions to a great witness leader of mine from my cell at uni. Young Micheal got engaged to our darling Jenny from Bulmershe on saturday!!!!!

Mike here on the right, after all the strange coloured hairdo's ( prime example below) have been cut off. Congratulations guys!!!!!! Nice one

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hidden meaning in the photo

Its been a while I must admit, I apologise for never having the time to update this little odd space, whether it be though exam or work experience but what can I say. I'm back. Well back in Harrow none the less. You know it was strange packing up and saying goodbye to people I may not see again for ages, if ever (all those old finalists) or won't see for three months. I'll miss them all that is definate, missing them already but I do know that quite a few of them have such a summer ahead of them that I can't help but grin for them. I looked around at the last RUCU meeting of the year and people leaving from hall, all the tears and the hugs, and I suppose I just felt numb. True I was upset to say goodbye to all the people I at love at uni but I suppose most people know the confusion that has been going on with my course and finances and my summer ahead, that I was just so caught up in it all that I never actually realised that the time to say goodbye was here. Anyway I can't say I'm not nervous about the future but you know what - I'm intrigued too. I'm intrgiued where the safe hands of my Lord are going to lead me too, and I'm excited about how he's going to get me there.

Anyway I just felt like I had to share this thought that I have been meaning to blog about for ages and was reminded as I was packing up my room. I had a wall in my room at Reading that appeard covered in photos; photos of friends and family - sure just like most people. But I had the odd one on there of what I think has been an incrediable sight to see and was lucky enough to have a camera with me. I mean one corner was filled with pictures of the grand canyon when I flew over it in a helicopter. Not that I'm saying I'm some amazing budding photographer in secret- no! you'll have to go to Lou's blog for such amazing photography and artwork but I've been lucky to see some things. Anyway the one that catches my attention more than most when I look at the wall is something that can have some many different meanings depending on how you look at it and what you truly see.

My mum, sister and I were walking down a pier in San Diego, North America (As you can probably tell by the flag) and this would have been a few years ago. My sister was not old enough then too understand about the Iraqi war and the fact that every cross on the beach represented a shoilder who died there (each flag told us of their nationality) but she did understand about the crosses and what they meant. What makes me think though when I look at this photo is what is meant by what 'they meant' (if that makes any sense at all)? My sister. at her younger age, understood what they meant by wordly standards- they were reprensentative of graves and people dying and she knew that.

These crosses, each one represented, death and the anguish and hurt that came along with that but the fact that is, the world's representation of the cross is just tragic. Not in sense that these deaths were tragic circumstances (which they were) but the fact that the world doesn't understand that the cross doesn't mean death but in fact the complete opposite- it's because of the cross that we have life. But with the representation of crosses with R.I.P blaze across them being the common symbol for graves and death it's undertstandable to a degree that the world doesn't understand and just sees in this photo an endless scene of the distinguishing of life. But those who know the truth we see so much more in this photo- we don't see a sea of dispair but an amazing sight of endless life.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

When you have been told by about four people over past few days in several different places, at lunch, in a shop and on msn that you should update your blog you kinda realise that maybe you should. So it made me start to think of possible ideas. Then I remembered something from dear old Kat's blog a while ago of an homage to our dear old friend Miri, and after having a great lunch with her yesturday I just had to show everyone this little pic of her, tucked away in one of my many photo's. What d'you think? Definately her at her best I think!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Looking out- hehe

Ok so I reaslise just how long it has been since I updated my blog- I mean when a certain Lou Abercrombe tells you on the way to church that she has even updated hers (use to be that I had updated after her) about three more times in several days you know something's wrong - hehe!

So I was having to go onto campus early today due to seriously lack of reading for my essay and since I was already up for prayer at eight (I know ME - that had to be divine intervention) I walked onto campus al bright eyed and bushy tailed (I love that saying) and sat down to work. Let me give you all a piece of advice Never sit on the side of the library that looks out onto the main square between Palmer, Humms and Students Union. For anyone not of Reading Uni this I suppose is the main like centre of campus where most of us have our lectures in one of the buildings around it or we at least mainly have to go through it to get to one of our lectures. Which is just my problem, any other side I sit on when looking out the window while contemplating in deep thought the work you have just read (yeah that's what I do, never day dream out of the window) you can look out onto the chappy or the chemisty building and not get distracted. But I swear everytime I looked up out the window in the square I saw someone I knew, probably totaling in double figures by the end,and was naturally inclinded to follow them with my eyes as it's 'ah my friend' (yes i have more than one) plus you never know that might actually be the 1 in a million time that they happen to look up to the third floor and see you directly staring at them and wave joyfully at you and see them as they suddenly realise that the look like they are waving to the sky!!! Believe me whe reading philosophy any hope of something to make you laugh you will cling to (Actually I did that once when I saw my friend in the lego building but they didn't see me, luckily I didn't wave)

Even when I decide to go downstairs to the short loan collection and get a break from people I know you become blind as a bat walk straight past a close friend, after they bump into you and then have to do a double take because they have been as blind too. Then after very weird hug you go to see yet another friend out the window sitting yet 5 meters away from you whose also so blind as a bat that you have to ring them just to tell them to look left, only for them to have turned around and look up to the sky!!! Haha!!!
You never actually realise how many people you know from uni until you let the world roll by, just as you acknowledge how popular you are, try to get some work done!!!!
Hehe- well I was told to blog again and blogged I have.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

So I forgot to introduce the St. Pats lot that are working for God not just on campus but amoung the likes of St. Pats. Sheffield and Student Villiage in the upcoming Hope Week, which obviously starts this today. Despite looks to the contary this lot aren't competely mad, well unles you count Mad for God, and I suppose if I'm honest if you coutn me as not included- those who know me might claim that I sometimes have my more sneial moments. But the upcoming week is so exciting because of the work planned in St. Pats and beyond to the rest of campus. This events week is now getting everyone bubbling with excitment of proclaiming the Gospel - working for God's honour on our own doorstep - how amaaaaaaaazin!!!!! With talks, sports games and maddness galore I expect many a COW moment over the next week for all of us who know of God's grace. Of course not all the manic people of st pats cell are on here but I promise their not all as mad as me (well, maybe a little). BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

What they were?

I was texting my friend over this week and this perplexing thought came into my head that i had to just ask her. What were the wombles? I mean it, do we actually know? Were they rats, mutated mice or even badgers?????

Anyway i thought about and cam to a sensibile conclusion that I think makes the most sense is thus; they were chickens

Funnily enough my friend didnt seem to agree!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

The beginning of the end

Ok, so I have decided to enter the wonderful world of the net and put down my thought and inklings no longer to paper but the wonder of a computer screen (not that I ever did put it put my thought to paper). But you can be assured of somethings, that this blog will be filled with either completly randomn stuff or highly thought-provoking thinking that makes your mind all boggled till it hurts. I plan on having a lot of fun with this new version of my blog, which will be filled with the most horrendously bad jokes you have ever heard, the most wacky thinking to come to this planet since Einstein (more intellecutal too) and all the time I hope honouring God. So till the next time, have a great time surfing away from this little page thinking what have you done when youlet yourself find out this websites name!!!!! It the beginning of the end - for I don't have to in the general vicinity of you for me to show you how scary I am any more- I can do it in your rooms through our gorgeous computers Evil Cackle

(I realise I did have an msn blog- but lets just put that to one side )